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We at Prognosys Global emerged to cater the Total Maintenance needs of Industry Plant Assets. With rich Industry experience worldwide for nearly 15 years, Prognosys Global committed to serve the industry with Total Plant Maintenance needs.


Prognosys Global will be playing a crucial role in managing Plant Assets. Plant Asset management is based on key factors, firstly important aspect would be knowing your Asset health. Prognosys Global committed to play a crucial role in this requirement of knowing Industry Assets health. Based on this need Prognosys Global has designed solution offerings. The solution provides inputs to minimize unplanned repair work, increase asset availability, lower costs and reduce the risk of equipment failure. The integration of disparate data sources provides a comprehensive view of your operational assets.

Since inspection Prognosys has been providing Condition Monitoring projects worldwide on power equipments consisting of Generators of various rating ranging upto 1000 MW, HT Motors, Power Transformers, Switchyard equipment etc. Prognosys has gained the reputation of providing a very professional services right from timely mobilisation, data collection with well trained, well qualified and experienced personnel and finally delivering a qualitative report consisting of unbiased, informative and recommended action oriented benefiting our customers in a larger way leading towards predictive maintenance.  Prognosys is proud to make a statement that it has served very reputed clients worldwide in power industry by providing truly professional services.


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Prognosys Global is proud to list some of its assets in Predictive Maintenance business by which it aims to become world renowned company in the field of Total Maintenance needs of power equipment. 

  • Enormous experience of successful completion of condition assessment of power equipment projects totaling around 50 Giga Watt Power at various plants around the globe till date.
  • Specialist engineers having wealth of high experience in condition monitoring of power equipments.
  • Specialist engineers having vast international exposure with successful completion of huge number of condition assessment projects worldwide.
  • Having very latest monitoring technology available with backup of highly experienced and world-renowned condition monitoring equipment manufacturers.
  • Crystal Clear reporting and analysis leading to unbiased assessment on equipment health.
  • Enabled to deliver timely and truly professional services always as needed.
  • Providing condition monitoring services of International Standards.





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Prognosys key personnel include Mr. Mahender Reddy working as Director. He is basically an electrical engineer with post graduate diploma in Business Management having twenty years of experience in the area of Condition Assessment, Diagnostic testing, Residual Life Assessment (RLA) studies and Predictive maintenance on HV Power Equipment’s.

Before being founder of Prognosys, worked with ABB – INDIA, handling projects involving the above mentioned condition monitoring business area, holding various responsibilities. Handled large overseas projects in International market involving condition assessment of Generators and Motors. Also worked with Wood Group Rotary Electrical, United Kingdom in the Condition Monitoring division of Rotating Machines.

He got extensive experience in Condition Monitoring of several hundreds of Generators and Motors up to 1000 MW rating machines, also experienced in Condition Monitoring of transformers, cables and other Large HV power equipments.

He has gained enormous international experience in the area of Condition Monitoring by executing projects, conducting seminars, training programs etc in countries like UK, Germany, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Brazil, Philippines, Oman, Bahrain, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Srilanka, Bangladesh, etc.

He is involved in research and development of test techniques and test equipment in Condition Assessment area and Diagnostic Electrical Testing of HV power equipment’s. He is also experienced in Root Cause Analysis of failures, occurring in rotating machines. Developed Progno-RSO kit for rotor winding fault detection, which has been supplied worldwide.